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Event Management SME

This position is contingent upon award.



Norfolk, VA

Position Overview

Wargames and their associated planning efforts are events that require extensive attention related to facilities, information technology, physical and information security, administration, transportation, and logistics. HQ ACT does not have dedicated facilities or support structures in place for wargaming. Wargames are routinely conducted in Europe, which creates significant demand for infrastructure and logistic support to wargame planning and execution.

  • Nationality of one of the NATO member countries.
  • A 4-Year University baccalaureate degree.
  • Demonstrated professional event coordination and management experience in the past five (5) years for events hosting at least 50 people.
  • Demonstrated experience working in multinational teams.
  • Demonstrated experience in stakeholder management.
  • Proven proficiency in oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrated understanding of all elements of event management to include: facilities, transportation, administrative tasks, security, IT, and logistics.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the nuances of coordinating events in Europe.
  • NATO Secret Security Clearance or national equivalent.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English as defined in STANAG 6001 (Standardized Linguistic Profile (SLP) 4444 - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Office Tool suite and collaborative software.
  • Coordinate, manage, and supervise all administrative, information technology (IT), security, and real life support for all events related to the design, development, and execution of the wargame. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • The actual wargame
  • Wargame planning events
  • Wargame results briefings to sponsors
  • Administrative duties:
  • Registration and tracking of all event participants.
  • Coordination for facility support – this might be government (NATO) facilities or commercial, as required.
  • Development and distribution of event calling messages (official invitations) and administrative instructions
  • Management and update of contact rosters and wargame stakeholder points of contact (POC) lists.
  • Coordinate with facility owners and NCIA for required IT support for wargaming related events to include:
  • Video Teleconference (VTC) support
  • Network support and access as required
  • Workstation delivery and access as required
  • Network security requirements as necessary
  • Security:
  • Coordinate with host facilities for facility access requirements and publish this as part of the administrative instructions
  • Coordinate with host facility owners for network access requirements and publish this as part of the administrative instructions
  • Coordinate with host facilities as required with access rosters for all participants and badging procedures and publish required instructions in the administrative instructions.
  • Real-life support and logistics:
  • If required, coordinate with wargame sponsors for reservation of lodging and event space.
  • If necessary, coordinate for the provision of transportation for event participants from the lodging area(s) to the event location and publish as part of the administrative instructions.
  • As required, arrange for meal service and refreshments at each hosted event including arranging for limited catering or coordinating with facility mess providers for participant access.
  • Arrange for transportation of any equipment or supplies that cannot be hand-carried by the wargaming support team through normal means.
  • Other administrative or logistics support requirements related to the execution of events of supported wargames as directed by the wargame director or COTR.


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