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Wargame Analyst and Analysis Coordinator

This position is contingent upon award.



Norfolk, VA

Position Overview

Professional wargames are primarily designed to generate insight and analysis; all the EWB wargames will have research questions or problems to be assessed against a carefully crafted data collection and analysis plan (DCAP) by a coordinated team of analysists. The output of the DCAP includes detailed products and reports for sponsor organizations at the conclusion of the wargame.

  • Nationality of one of the NATO member countries.
  • A 4-year University baccalaureate degree.
  • Demonstrated experience in wargame or operational experimentation analysis in the past five (5) years in a military environment that might include all elements of DIME and which includes both quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  • Demonstrated analyst team management experience in the past five to ten (5-10) years.
  • Demonstrated experience in the field of data collection, analysis and assessment and the drafting of data collection plans and wargame reports in the past five (5) years.
  • Demonstrated expertise in preparing and delivering briefings for wargaming audiences on wargame results at the operational and strategic level in past five to ten (5) years.
  • Demonstrated experience working in multinational teams.
  • A sufficient understanding of NATO to make informed qualitative analysis assessments.
  • NATO Secret Security Clearance or national equivalent.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English as defined in STANAG 6001 (Standardized Linguistic Profile (SLP) 4444 - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Office Tool suite and collaborative software.
  • Develop (or coordinate with the designated lead analyst) the creation of the Data Collection and Analysis Plan (DCAP). It is essential that this plan be closely coordinated with the wargame and scenario designer from the initiation of the design process and should include the following elements:
  • Overarching issue or problem statement.
  • Issues to be considered by the wargame.
  • Sub-issues and questions to ask related to each issue.
  • Essential elements of analysis for each sub-issue.
  • Measures of merit used to measure these.
  • Detailed schedule of when each element will be collected on during the wargame and from what source.
  • For qualitative data and expert observations, determine the method and frequency for collecting data in respective venues.
  • Determine how the data will generate an analytical report for inclusion in the overall wargame reports in consultation with the wargame director.
  • Using the DCAP, coordinate and manage a suitable number of analysts to collect all relevant data from all the players. Each distinct wargame player (or side) requires a dedicated analyst.
  • Coordinate and run analyst meetings as required during and after wargame execution. Analyst meetings will occur at least once daily during wargame execution. If an outside analyst is designated as lead analyst for the wargame, assist them in the management of these meetings.
  • Serve as an analyst to collect against the DCAP. Ensure that this does not detract from the other duties as outlined above.
  • Coordinate or produce the final analysis report as required by the DCAP for inclusion in the final wargame report.
  • Any other analysis-related tasks or products related to EWB supported wargames as directed by the game director or COTR and within the scope of the contract.

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