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Communications Requirements Developer (CDE) - SATCOM

Full Time


Fort Gordon, GA

Position Overview

Communications Requirements Developer (Concepts Development & experimentation) SATCOM

Supporting Army Capability Manager, Networks & Services (ACM N&S)

Location: Fort Gordon, GA

Salary: Commensurate with education/experience

Clearance: DoD Secret


Perform Capability Development Functions consisting of:

  1. provide the necessary analytical and/or engineering labor to perform capability development and integration of DoD and Army acquisition programs. Field support to include observation, data collection, analysis to inform modernization and DOTMLPF-P integration.
  2. support planning for current and future force, services and enablers fielding requirements, programs, projects, systems and the projection of requirements and technologies needed to satisfy them
  3. develop Life-Cycle system documentation to translate approved requirements into funded programs/projects.
  4. develop, review and staff Joint Capabilities Integration and Development Systems (JCIDS) documents to meet current and future force needs.
  5. assist in developing, writing, experimenting, assessing, integrating, staffing, and documenting CDID-NS visions, concepts, and Capabilities Based Analysis (CBA) into appropriate JCIDS products.
  6. develop Capstone, Operating, and Functional Concepts and follow-on CBA products (FAA, FNA, and FSA) and those product requirements necessary to supporting and/or completing the JCIDS process.
  7. develop, review, and staff CONOPs updates.
  8. develop, integrate and synchronize the life-cycle support of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy (DOTMLPF-P).
  9. support production and reconciliation of the Capabilities Needs Analysis (CNA) and Formation-based Assessments (CNA/FbA).
  10. support the development of JCIDS products (and supporting documents) associated with outside organizations, such as the Joint Services and other Centers of Excellence (CoE).
  11. participate in and support experimentation, simulations, and analyses supporting the development of future Army forces.
  12. support Integrated Capabilities Development Teams (ICDT) and working groups necessary for successful completion and delivery of JCIDS products and documents.
  13. attend associated seminars, workshops, and conferences necessary to produce the full range of JCIDS products.
  14. coordinate with Geographic Combatant Commands during the JCIDS process to ensure their requirements are addressed during CBAs and the development of JCIDS documents.
  15. develop systems designs to meet concept objectives and to provide operating capabilities to accomplish mission requirements.
  16. perform analyses on requirements and make recommendations for employment/basis of issue and divestitures.
  17. review and evaluate equipment specifications.
  18. monitor resolution of technical problems during the procurement of equipment.
  19. participate in development and conduct of user acceptance tests, Army/Joint Interoperability Certification and Army software program evaluations, coordinates with Army Test and Evaluation Command, Operational Test Command and other agencies.
  20. assist in the preparation of test plans, procedures, and reports for system evaluations.
  21. coordinate changes to plans and programs necessitated by technology developments, changed requirements, threat scenarios, or priority and funding changes.
  22. evaluate, analyze, and correlate technical conclusions concerning relative costs and advantages of alternate approaches to meet requirements.
  23. provide coordination between engineers conducting modeling and simulation, technical specialists developing the detailed specifications and the user.
  24. participate with Army, Joint, DoD, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and multinational agencies to establish standard methods and/or procedures.
  25. provide program cost and funding input data to the customer for inclusion in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES), conduct and review Cost-Benefit Analysis (CDRL 0009) studies and estimates, coordinate analysis with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army-Cost and Economics office.
  26. perform/support Analyses of Alternatives (AoA’s) and other program analyses as required.
  27. review plans and specifications for adequacy of analysis, proper justification and interpretation of requirements, cost data and implementation schedules, and consideration of supporting requirements such as scheduling deliveries, availability of operators and test personnel, site preparation, and similar concerns.
  28. provide input for development of programming and funding documents.
  29. develop, present, and participate in technical meetings, briefings, work groups, and weapon system reviews.
  30. documentation products shall meet Government standards and approval prior to use in any process or program.
  31. prepare trip reports, briefings, charts and memorandums for mission area requirements.



A minimum of two (2) years’ experience with requirements development, documentation and approval processes

A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in Signal Operations

A minimum of five (5) years’ experience or equivalent in tactical SATCOM terminals. This includes experience providing centralized network operations and management to include the preparation and processing of Satellite Access Requests and Alternate Satellite Requests.

Possess minimum of 5 Years' experience in DOD satellite communications and/or commercial satellite communications.

Must have at least 5 years’ experience with SATCOM systems including AEHF, WGS, DCS, UFO, EMI and jamming as well as expertise with DoD ground and airborne SATCOM terminals.

Must have experience with protected SATCOM systems and technology.

Education: Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems Management, Networking, Telecommunications Management, or related technical field from an accredited college or university. Additional experience may be accepted in lieu of degree as determined by the COR.


Knowledge of emerging enterprise/commercial SATCOM communications technologies

Knowledge of JCIDS

Knowledge of Joint and service Signal/Communications organizations and their functions


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