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Network Integration Engineer/Analyst



Fort Bliss, TX

Position Overview

Position Description: 

Serves as a Network Integration Engineer/Analyst supporting JMC’s Network Integration Division performing tasks associated with Joint/Multinational communications network design, and the integration of Joint mission command systems and Joint constructive simulations culminating in publication of an exercise “horseblanket” which serves as the JADC2/MPE communications network architecture that facilitates command and control of two annual Joint/Multinational experiments—the JOINT WARFIGHTING ASSESSMENT  and PROJECT CONVERGENCE. More specifically, the individual performs the following tasks as directed by the Director, Network Integration Division:

  • Perform system level and system of systems level analysis on the applications and sensors participating in the Army’s annual Joint Warfighting Assessment (JWA) exercise, and other large-scale exercises as required.
  • Provide network architecture guidance and evaluations in accordance with Department of the Army gap analysis parameters for Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS), Systems under Evaluation (SUE), Systems under Test (SUT),and Demonstration systems.
  • As the software, hardware, firmware, and digital waveform versioning Configuration Manager, tracks and ensure compliance for systems and equipment participating in the Network Integration Exercises.
  • Maintains familiarity with future systems current development in order to place those systems within the Brigade Combat Team best meeting operational, tactical, vendor and or test requirements.
  • Utilizes Enterprise Email and Microsoft Office applications to coordinate, communicate and assist the client to meet all certification and training requirements in daily operations. 
  • Designs and develops and utilizes an Access database and uses Visual Basic programming language for Configuration Management and Change Request management in accordance with the Change Management Board Standard Operation Procedures.
  • Consolidates data from multiple sources to provide reporting to the client via Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documentation and verbal communication.
  • Leverages a variety of tools and methodologies to design data gathering approaches appropriate for the project and objectives, and gathers information through extended networking with Department of Defense (DOD), Department of the Army, (DA), and contracting outsource organizations to meet client requirements. 
  • Attends and provides input and insight through multiple levels, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), DOD, DA working groups, conference calls and After-Action Reviews (AAR) used for planning, execution and future iteration corrections, and provides direction for outside entities for completion of directives, requests, and deliverables.
  • Develops Change Requests provided by outside organizations to meet the needs of the CMB voting members.
  • Develops, updates, and processes software information for Annex B, utilizing the CMB Process upon Software Lock to make changes to software.
  • Scrubs and edits draft and current versions of the Horse Blanket (HB) and develops Change Requests to correct noted deficiencies such as administrative,  networks, organizational, platform and personnel to depict current on the ground truth.
  • Uses unit specific Network Basis of Issue (NBOI) to develop Lower Tier Infrastructure in accordance with network Net IDs and naming conventions.
  • Uses Unit specific Upper TI Node IDs to indicate node ID assignments in the HB to facilitate upper TI network architecture.
  • Coordinates with PEO C3T to scrub the HB and PEO C3T specific networking diagrams in order to provide architecture and assist in developing the most accurate Data Product development for TNIC.
  • Continually develops the CMB Process SOP to meet new and changing requirements.
  • Uses Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy format and experience with combined arms operations, current rules of engagement, doctrine and tactics employed by future systems evaluation.
  • Provides technical expertise to the HB and Transport Design (TD) development, coordination, and refinement.
  • Briefs Government officials on all Platform and Network Integration constraints and limitations and identify work-around or other solutions that will enable affected systems to participate in a test event.
  •   Must have and active U.S. SECRET clearance

General requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience in planning, integrating, and maintaining Army Brigade/Division-level communications networks
  • Expertise in developing communication network architectures
  • Expertise in MS Office applications
  • Expertise in Access database and Visual Basic
  • Expertise in integrating Army ABCS mission command systems and Joint constructive simulations

Travel:  Approximately 15% - 20% a year

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