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Austin, TX

Position Overview

To provide FCC Army and Joint Concept Division Support Services. Position requires applicant to have expert knowledge of Army and Joint operations at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to properly assess future concepts and application of emerging technologies to concepts.

Must be able to develop CONOPS that integrate future Army organizations and capabilities into Joint Concepts in order to aid the Joint Concepts Branch (JCB) in preparing for J7 and other Joint Staff wargames and experiments. Develop plans and create documents (power point, written plans, physical maps, briefings, approximately 50 combined total per 12- month period) depicting Division through Theater- level future application of military power against defined peer-level threats in the 2030-2040 period.

Participate in events and meetings: Attend DoC and Joint Staff meetings and events as required by JCB Chief. Meetings may be routine and discrete, in-person and virtual, and on-site at Fort Eustis and may involve travel to other locations. Concept writing: Per government instruction and timelines, the Contractor shall write elements of Joint Concepts and Joint Supporting Concepts as required by the JCB Chief.

Positions Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Army operations at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to properly assess the applicability of proposed future concepts and to develop such concepts on topics of emerging Army priorities.
  • Exceptional oral presentation skills, and the innate ability to work well in group settings to help collaboratively drive solutions to complex and time-sensitive problems.
  • Skill in organizing and facilitating concept development working groups.
  • Working knowledge of the capability based assessment process and the military decision making process (MDMP).
  • Knowledge of how to plan, organize, and conduct conferences, meeting, workshops, and in-progress reviews in support of ongoing projects.
  • Thorough knowledge of the concept development process and staffing procedures to write concepts, white papers, address concept development inquiries, and conduct briefings and critiques.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe, Access, and advanced desktop publishing software and their applications to write and edit reports.
  • Clear understanding and knowledge of Army Concepts.
  • Secret Clearance
  • Travel 20-25%

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