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Wheeled Vehicle Instructor/Writer



Camp Dodge, IA

Position Overview

The Wheeled Vehicle Instructor/Writer position supports the Army National Guard G44(M) Maintenance Branch, Technician Training Program. The Wheel Vehicle Instructor will deliver technical training consistent with course content and objectives to teach Technicians automotive maintenance while attending courses at the Sustainment Training Center (STC) Camp Dodge Iowa. Develops tests, maintains, and delivers training content and related materials in support of the training program. Updates course documentation on a continuous basis to ensure timeliness and relevance, maintains technical resource library, and keeps records of training activities. May develop original or modifies course content as needed based on customer requirements, feedback, course evaluation results and relevant changes in industry.

Position Overview:  

The instruction/training will ideally be in a small group instruction format consisting of 10 personnel (these numbers may be adjusted up or down, due to number of Technicians present within the course). Training can vary from classroom lecture to hands on instruction, or any combination of both. Training is approximately 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday with potentially one partial to full weekend per month. The training instruction will include hydraulic systems, theory of hydraulics, block diagrams/schematics and proper troubleshooting procedures of hydraulic systems using a flow meter; Fuel Injection theory on the latest Electronic Fuel Injection, distribution, common rail, HEUI and MEUI systems; Diagnose valve train malfunctions, injector replacement and perform valve/injector adjustments in accordance with the latest specifications by the manufacture. Troubleshoot and set injector trim codes with CAT/ET. All Field level tasks and potentially Sustainment level tasks that would be appropriate of Maintenance Technicians. When no individuals are in training, then the maintenance instructor will function as maintenance staff ensuring the equipment is staged and prepared for upcoming course requirements, as well as sharpening their technical maintenance skill sets on various new pieces of equipment. 


The ideal candidate should have:

  • Prior or Current 91B MOS or Career Management Field (CMF) 91 series.
  • A thorough understanding of the steps required to develop Program of Instructions (POI) and Training Support Packages (TSP) to include: Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO), Enabling Learning Objectives (ELO) and Lesson Plan structure.
  • Previous experience in teaching maintenance; whether formal or informal on the following subjects: Diagnostic Procedures and the proper use of the latest Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) on vehicles; Electrical systems to include the theory of electricity, block diagrams/electrical schematics, analog/digital electronics and proper troubleshooting procedures; Hydraulic systems to include the theory of hydraulics, block diagrams/schematics and proper troubleshooting procedures of hydraulic systems; Maintenance on gas particulate systems, vehicular mounted armament and associated fire control systems; Fuel Injection theory and the latest in Electronic Fuel Injection systems; How to Diagnose valve train malfunctions and perform valve/injector adjustments in accordance with the latest specifications by the manufacture; Transmission operation and the theory of planetary gear sets, torque converters and hydraulic system of a transmission to include proper diagnoses of the electrical system that controls modern transmissions. 
  • During anytime that the candidate is not instructing Technicians, he/she will perform actual maintenance on vehicles assigned to the program. 
  • Will coach, teach, train, and mentor Army National Guard Technicians in the maintenance arena.

Experience and Education: 

  • Instructor qualified or willing to get qualified within six months
  • Instruction Experience, how to write POI's - Programs of Instruction, TSP's - Training Support Packages, ELO's Enabling Learning Objectives, and lesson plans.
  • Must possess a general working knowledge of how the Army Supply System works.
  • Experienced and proficient in PC use with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Previous experience using the Army collective and individual training methodology.
  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified in all or some of the subjects listed would be ideal, but not a requirement. 



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