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Functional Analyst IV



Fort Lee, VA

Position Overview

JANUS is currently seeking a motivated, career and customer-oriented Functional Analyst IV to support the Sustainment Battle Lab located at Fort Lee, VA.


  • Experimentation Planning, Executing, and Reporting:
    • Assist in the development, coordination, and the synchronization of the SBL annual experimentation program to include all relevant experiments within the Experimentation Community of Practice, in support of AFC and CASCOM. 
    • Inform the SBL leadership of the ongoing program, of the scheduling and resourcing conflicts, and to make recommendations of more efficient and effective means to prosecute the overall experimentation program in order to reach the annual experimentation objectives. 
    • Develop and brief Experiment Proposals, and other experimentation planning products as identified by COR, SBL and FCC.
    • Provide support during the execution of SBL led and supported events including, but is not limited to:
      • Developing project management and experiment plans to execute experiment events in order to report on experimental study objectives/issues.
      • Executing the event as outlined in the experiment directive and coordinate with various Government and non-Government organizations participating in game preparation and execution; providing scenario development input to see if the scenario will support experimentation objectives; 
      • Blue and red campaign planning, administrative, computer and audio-visual, and logistics and technical support for the event.
    • Coordinate manning and role player support with the CASCOM Tasking Office as well as external agencies and organizations.
    • Research and review appropriate and applicable Army Campaign Plan literature and documents; technical analysis, technical writing, preparing and updating documents; coordinate and conduct internal and external staffing; preparation of briefings and presentations; attend  and participate in meetings, conferences and working sessions; and conduct in-progress reviews (IPRs).
    • Provide sustainment expertise required to design and conduct experimentation venues; evaluate outcomes and lessons learned to provide insights, findings and recommendations designed to inform  the development of Concept Capability Plans (CCP) and Capability Based Analysis (CBA) that will plan for providing Maneuver Sustainment across all DOTMLPF-P domains for current and future forces. 
    • Identify and document warfighter outcomes and recommend potential science and technology solutions in order to meet future force required capabilities. 
    • Serve as subject matter experts (SME) in Army sustainment operations, capable of effectively briefing senior officers and civilian equivalents. 
    • Describe in detail current and future logistics concepts based on information and discussions provided by the Government (AFC, SCDID and other CASCOM personnel). 
  • External Experimentation Support: 
    • Provide analytic, observer, SME role player and event facilitation services as required by SCDID and FCC leadership in support of other CoP Battle Lab sponsored events or within CASCOM.
    • Support to the Concepts Branch of SBL.
    • Support the coordination of SBL S&T efforts with internal and external activities and agencies to include Industry, Academia, other Major Commands (MACOMS), and other CDID Battle Labs.
  • Scenario Development: 
    • Provide Logistics SME support in the development, refining, staffing, and publishing of scenario products in support of the SBL Experimentation Program.
    • Integrate the developed scenario products into The Research and Analysis Center (TRAC) Standardized Scenarios managed by TRAC-Leavenworth.
  • Studies and Analysis: 
    • Perform studies to investigate emerging issues pertaining to the current and future modular sustainment forces including, but are not limited to:
      • Conducting detailed literature searches to include lesson learned, final reports regarding ongoing efforts and other materiel germane to the study subject;
      • Conducting seminars, interviews, surveys and other types on initial discovery events in order to develop the background materiel;
      • Analyzing all information and preparing findings, conclusion recommendation across the DOTMLPF-P realms.
  • Science & Technology (S&T):
    • Participate in various SBL S&T programs, Science and Technology Objectives Development, Advanced Technology Demonstrations, Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations, Small Business Innovation Research, and S&T Analyses, Force Operating Capabilities Assessments, Limited Objective Evaluations, Technology Demonstrations, and Live Prototyping activities to assist the Government in identifying emerging technologies from military, commercial, foreign and other Government agencies to enable Maneuver Sustainment Army Campaign.
    • Conduct Technology Assessments through research and document various DOTMLPF-P enablers and Sustainment efficiencies that assist Army force projection and sustainment while reducing the logistics footprint, in support of the Army Campaign Plan (ACP) and the Army Force Modernization Strategy. 
    • Identify for SBL the key technologies, projects, and experiments needed to leverage Science & Technology in reducing logistics requirements, e.g., weight/cube, power and energy, maintenance and distribution burdens.

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen to obtain and maintain Secret Security Clearance.


Experience and Education

  • Minimum of Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university AND at least twenty (20) years of experience serving in a U.S. military agency as military or civilian in progressively responsible command and staff positions.
    • Minimum of two (2) years of experimentation experience serving in a Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) or AFC Battle Lab as military or civilian can be substituted for five (5) years of the U.S. military agency experience.
  • Minimum experience in at least TWO (2) of the following:
    • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience with service or joint doctrine, to include combat, combat support, and combat service support operations.
    • Minimum of six (6) years’ experience with service or joint staffs organization, functions and procedures. 
    • Minimum of six (6) years’ experience with service or joint organizations, operations, and exercises at levels comparable to Army Corps. 
    • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the preparation and conduct of seminars, study groups and map exercises for general and senior field grade officers. 
    • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in conducting instruction in both small and large group formats.
    • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in conducting post exercise effectiveness analysis and evaluations. 

Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the compilation and presentation, in both written and oral formats, of lessons learned and after action review material.  



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