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Modeling & Simulation Engineer



San Antonio, TX

Position Overview

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identify experimentation venues across the warfighting functions and cross functional teams where medical equities are represented requiring either onsite or distributed participation.
  • Develop respective learning demands and essential elements of analysis to inform conceptual document information requirements, focus analysis and align with other experiments.
  • Provide operations research and system analysis support to enable qualitative and quantitative analysis and modeling of Army Health System concepts and capabilities.
  • Provide simulations technical, database and software subject matter expertise to support.
  • Participate in federated constructive simulation-based experiments to replicate medical operations and formations at echelon.
  • Support collaborative and planning efforts, distributed experimentation integration activities, and execution of distributed simulation events.
  • Build the associated medical database representing the appropriate task organization, capability, and environment for integration into federated events.
  • Build the associated medical database representing the appropriate task organization, capability, and environment for integration into federated events.
  • Coordinate and synchronize constructive simulation support.
  • Participate in working groups.

Mandatory Requirement

  • Secret Clearance required.

Special Requirement

Individual selected should have a representative mix of the following qualifications, experience, skills, and education:

  • Relevant experience in the adaptation, modification, and use of the One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) simulation (or comparable military entity-level simulation systems used to support training, experimentation, testing, and/or analysis).
  • Relevant experience with Bifrost, High Level Architecture (HLA), and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), and Linux Operating System.
  • Relevant experience in the integration and use of the OneSAF or comparable entity-level simulation systems with Army Mission Command Systems, adaptors, translators, and tools in order to develop and implement a realistic environment to simulate AHS during competition and conflict support Company to Division level representations.
  • Relevant experience in exercise development and execution of distributed simulation-supported training events or experiments.

Experience and Education

  • Maintain IAT Level II certifications, which includes Security +
  • Network Certifications:  Networking Computing Environment IAT Level II, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) (or above) certification.
  • Windows Computing Certifications: Microsoft Windows IAT Level II certification: CompTIA Server+, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA):  Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 Administrator, or Windows Server 2016 Administrator).
  • Linux Computing Certifications: Linux Computing Systems IAT Level II: Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA), LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certificate) certificate, or above.
  • Certificate in Operations Research and Systems Analysis, Military Application Course (ORSAMAC) or similar discipline degree.
  • Technically proficient to support constructive computer-generated force simulations such as One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF) software.
  • Must possess an in-depth understanding and proficiency in using constructive force generation tools such as One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) software.
  • Must possess an in-depth knowledge of the JCIDS process.
  • 4 years of Operational Strategic (theater), Operational (corps) and Tactical (division) command experience both in a deployed and institutional environment is highly desired.
  • Graduate from the Command and General Staff College or Senior Service College considered ideal. 
  • Possess in-depth knowledge on the use of share point portals, websites, databases, and distributed teaming technology.
  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Modeling and Simulation, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research/Systems Analysis, Information Systems Management, Service Command and Staff College or equivalent.


  • Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE) experience.
  • MEDCoE/MEDCOM experience.
  • Senior-level military operational experience.


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