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Chief Engineer/Scientist

This position is contingent upon award.



Fort Eustis,VA / Fort Leavenworth,KS

Position Overview

***This position is contingent upon award***

To provide FCC Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE) Mission Support Services. 

Position requires personnel to provide technical services in support of the maintenance, development, enhancement, integration, and use of BLCSE to support distributed, simulation-supported experiments and FCC-led concept and capabilities development efforts. The contractor shall provide the personnel, expertise, and skills required to perform all technical and engineering mission support services to enable execution of M&S Division’s BLCSE missions, including: 

  • Maintaining the technical aspects of the BLCSE federation. 
  • Supporting BLCSE-related distributed event planning, integration, and execution. 
  • Performing technical operations and support of the FCC Simulation Lab located at Fort Eustis, Virginia. 
  • Evaluating, assessing, adapting, and providing recommendations to the Government on the feasibility of integrating new simulation, communication, computing, and information 
  • technologies, implementing changes or modifications to federation models, simulations, capabilities, tools, and integrating selected new technologies and federates as required/directed by the Government. 
  • Supplying centralized help desk and technical support to FCC Battle Labs. 
  • Providing maintenance enhancements and technical modifications to the One Semi Automated Forces (OneSAF) simulation, Next Generation Threat System (NGTS) simulation, and new/emerging simulations to support AFC/FCC and BLCSE requirements. 

Mandatory Requirement

  • Secret Clearance 
  • Must have a representative mix of the following qualifications, experience, skills, and education:  
  • Relevant experience in the adaptation, modification, and use of the One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) simulation (or comparable military entity-level simulation systems used to support training, experimentation, testing, and/or analysis).  
  • Relevant experience in the integration and use of the OneSAF or comparable entity-level simulation systems with Military and Joint Mission Command Systems, adaptors, translators, and tools in order to develop and implement a realistic environment to simulate full-spectrum combat operations from maneuver Company to Division level representations.  
  • Relevant experience in exercise development, engineering integration and development, and operations management and execution of distributed simulation-supported training events or experiments.  
  • Operations and/or Program Management experience at the Army Battalion/Brigade level (or Joint Service/civilian/industry equivalent) 

Experience and Education

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Modeling and Simulation, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research/Systems Analysis, Information Systems Management.  

Military Service Command and Staff College, or equivalent. 

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