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Functional Area Expert - Cyber



Fort Gordon, GA

Position Overview

JANUS is seeking a talented Functional Area Expert to support the Cyber Battle Lab (CBL) program at Fort Gordon, GA. 

Position Narrative: 

The Functional Area Expert (FAE) – Cyber (FAE-Cyber), as part of the Cyber Battle Lab Experimentation Branch, will be responsible for designing, planning, and leading a task organized team of individuals in the execution of experimentation events oriented on cyberspace and electromagnetic warfare operations (CEWO). The FAE-Cyber will engage with external stakeholders from the Cyber Center’s Capability Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) to gain an understanding of desired learning demands, and design an experiment that enables answering the learning demands with tangible objective data gleaned through experimentation events.

The FAE-Cyber’s experimentation plan will utilize personnel, resources, and capabilities to engage adversaries in and through cyberspace and the EMS to effect or attack personnel, facilities, networks, or equipment with the intent of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capabilities; protect friendly personnel, facilities, networks, and equipment from cyberspace or electromagnetic attack, as well as, friendly or enemy use of the EMS that could degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly combat capabilities; and search for, intercept, identify, and locate or localize adversary electromagnetic vulnerabilities to enable future operations.

Position Responsibilities and Expected Duties:

  • Integrate concept and capability development objectives with learning through wargames, live, prototype and concept experiments, Army evaluations, studies, S&T events, and other venues for learning.
  • Lead, direct, and manage a team of individuals oriented on assigned experimentation events.
  • Facilitate/direct the development of the cyberspace and EW aspects of the experimentation environment.
  • Utilize simulations to create synthetic environments for the experimentation of extant and emerging Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare concepts.
  • Develop the Data Collection Management Plan (DCMP) that reflects alignment of the learning demands with the respective experimentation venue and the means for collecting data that will inform the concept or capability being developed.
  • Assist in the design of data sets representing military forces, platforms, capabilities, oriented on CEWO for use in models and simulations.
  • Incorporate model and simulation capabilities and data requirements into experiment analysis plans and Data Collection Management Plans.
  • Conduct analysis of model and simulation output data and incorporate the analytical results into reports and briefings.
  • Research current and future CEWO capabilities and force structures and determine how best to represent them within the modeling and simulation environment and integrate the same into experimentation.
  • Perform technical development and consultant activities, coordinating between cyberspace engineers and military personnel to develop and deliver highly complex scenario simulations.
  • Perform customer requirements analysis, functional design, and product design synthesis interfacing regularly with Experimentation Support Branch subject matter experts and customers to deliver high quality products.

Mandatory Requirement

  • Security Clearance: obtain and maintain TS with SCI eligibility.

Experience and Education

  • Well-versed in tactics, techniques, and procedures for performing cyberspace and electromagnetic warfare operations to deliver effects in support of Corps and Below operations.
  • Understands friendly and adversary cyberspace and EMS capabilities, objectives, organizations, and/or operations, as well as, the broader aspects of MDO and ULO.
  • Understanding of how the CEMA Sections at Corps and below integrate, and synchronize cyberspace and EW operations with other lethal and nonlethal actions to enable commanders to mass effects and gain advantages in the cyberspace domain, EMS, and across other domains during multi-domain operations (MDO) in support of unified land operations (ULO).
  • Experience and understanding of Army force structure and force modernization efforts.
  • Familiar with Joint cyberspace and EW capabilities.
  • Experience with tactical, operational and/or strategic planning or operating doctrine such as Troop Leading Procedures, the Military Decision Making Process, the Joint Operations Process, Decisive Action or Multi-Domain Operations.
  • Must be able to work in a small team where each member is responsible for the design, development, testing, and validation of their assigned components.
  • Possess advanced writing and presentation speaking skills.


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