Human Systems Engineering (HSE) Lighthouse (SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase III))

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) designs, builds, delivers and maintains ships, submarines and systems reliably, on-time and on-cost for the United States Navy. NAVSEA is comprised of command staff, headquarters directorates, affiliated Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and numerous field activities. Together, they engineer, build, buy and maintain ships, submarines and combat systems that meet the Fleet's current and future operational requirements.

Under this contract, Cape Henry Associates, supports Human Systems Integration/Human Machine Engineering(HSI/HME ) Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) analyses; design, develop, and deliver analysis-driven training products required to produce optimized readiness; and enhance and extend the capabilities of the High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) and other Lighthouse enabled solutions to the client, by further extending the product through Internal Research and Development (IR&D),to include HSI product acquisition tools, as well as production dashboards for executive decision makers. Acquisition and production of HSI related products and services utilizing Lighthouse' integrated HSI-centric framework and family of tools provides for a leaner, more efficient and cost-effective process. Of additional value are the empirical repositories of data captured and generated through the utilization of Lighthouse which provide for near-real-time time phased metrics generation, data validation, and visualizations that lend credence to decisions made and evoke a transparent production environment that promotes continuous improvement. Providing this additional capability allows repositories of data that are tied to requirements to become the "one version of the truth" as the data that drives requirements changes over the lifecycle of long-lived assets, including but not limited to, ships and weapon systems.

This Phase III SBIR IDIQ contract is needed to apply and extend MPT technologies developed under Navy SBIR topic N091-071, "Optimized Manning and Crew Design Tools for Future Surface and Undersea Platforms." This Phase III SBIR contract will include efforts that will build upon the design and development accomplishments of Phase I and Phase II by: (1) enhancing the development of the HSE Lighthouse reference architecture; and (2) developing, maturing and integrating additional modules to address specific DoD needs.

HSE Lighthouse consists of: (1) an extensible framework for integrating a diverse array of MPT-related capabilities by offering a common reference architecture and data sharing platform; and (2) the modules built in support of specific HSE capabilities integrated into this framework. Technology also developed under the above SBIR Phase I and II activities includes a reference architecture for data integration and presentation, called the HSE Lighthouse Service-Oriented Architecture (HSE Lighthouse SOA, or "Lighthouse").

Period of Performance: 5/29/2020 - 5/28/2025

Contract Number: 47QFLA20D0008

Contract Type: IDIQ, Firm Fixed Price

Technical Representative: Mike Haynes (

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Cape Henry Associates, acquired by JANUS Research Group, is a SeaPort-e prime contract vehicle holder and owns a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) technology, Lighthouse, for sole source contracting for MPT products and services. With an overall on-time delivery of 99.5% for required deliverables, we take pride in the reputation we have built as the go-to company for all things MPT.

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