Sailor 2025, a dynamic set of over 50 initiatives, is a roadmap to support our growing fleet. To help accomplish this, JANUS offered a modernized and mobile ready, relevant learning system. Our High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) is mobile, scalable, and reconfigurable providing cost-effective and readily available training to Sailors.

The outdated, traditional approach of sending Sailors to physical training facilities has become inconvenient due to rising costs and scheduling factors. The modern warfighter needs training "at the ready" to respond to emerging training gaps. The HVLE provides content agnostic infrastructure that handles everything necessary to have no build constraints.

The JANUS Approach

To meet the concept requirements, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract funding was critical to successful commercialization of JANUS' Lighthouse technology stack. Lighthouse is a purpose-built platform developed to specifically measure and report on the effectiveness of Human Systems Integration (HSI) tools, methods, and practices. This technology can support unique training systems and deliver applications capable of real-world, real-time solutions.

Customer Goals

C-Arts Image | JANUS Research Group

The first goal in designing the C-ARTS system was to be able to expedite Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL) without sacrificing valuable tools, technology and expertise found in traditional classrooms. In other words, C-ARTS would need to ensure that all training could be quickly and efficiently translated to meet real-time needs. Secondly, C-ARTS needed to be a cost-effective infrastructure that also supports various functions. These types of events include supporting In-Service Engineering Agents (ISEA), hands-on training in the labs, collaborative activities, and more. Lastly, information aggregated and analyzed via Lighthouse provided empirical data to decision makers, giving real-time access to training information.

HVLE Classrooms | JANUS Research Group

The Result

Due to the dedication and commitment shown by Program Executive Office (PEO) Carriers in pursuing and obtaining an SBIR Phase III contract, timelines and deliverables were met. Our military, specifically our Navy, is now better equipped to maintain superiority because of the insightful utilization of SBIR technology to fulfill critical requirements.

The Impact

For the period between December 2018 and July 2023, data supports the evidence that C-ARTS is already having a significant impact. Training has already been administered to 1,361 students with 2,417 total course hours logged. Students have spent over 19,000 hours in class. Sailors assigned to CVN 78, CVN 79, Gerald R Ford Fleet Introduction Team; as well as CVN 69, CVN 73, CVN 75, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Lakehurst, and Norfolk Naval Shipyard employees have already used the C-ARTS. By providing HVLEs to the warfighters, JANUS is ensuring America's next military generation will continue to set the standard and remain the best in the world.


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