JANUS large staff of experienced Instructional Systems Designers bring their domain expertise and technical knowledge to develop and deliver client focused training products and services. After completing rigorous requirements analyses, we create customized curriculum for the most innovative training available.

Requirements Analysis operates at "exceeds standards" levels. Whether clients need tools to accurately and efficiently identify and analyze potential problems or seek recommendations to "shore-up" potential weaknesses JANUS' Requirements Analysis tools and processes deliver timely, accurate solutions.

From Front-End Analysis to Instructional Systems Design and Development to Career-Long Learning Continuum Analysis, our clients remain at the forefront of Training & Simulation with comprehensive, state-of-the-art systems and simulations. Our services in this area include:

  • Navy Training System Plan (NTSP) Development
  • Front End Analysis (FEA) Development
  • Courseware Development
  • Training Device Development
  • Training Systems Development
  • SMART Classroom Design and Installation
  • High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) Design and Build
    • C-ARTS: Bringing training and technological advances directly to the point of need for the U.S. Navy has enabled them to make leaps and bounds in how they train and support the world's premier naval force.
  • Self-Assessment and Groom Training (SAGT) Delivery
  • MPT Curriculum and Training Updated Banner Image | JANUS Research Group

    Curriculum and Training

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