JANUS Research Group (JANUS) is pleased to present Mr. John Adams, supporting the Strategic Plans Division, U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command (JMC), with a JANUS Energy Award.

For the past year, Mr. Adams has worked beyond the scope of his responsibilities leading several JMC Strategic Plans efforts supporting the Chief of Staff of the Army's annual capstone force modernization experiment, Project Convergence 22 (PC 22) and Project Convergence Pacific 23 (PC Pacific 23).

Mr. Rodger Lemons, GS-14, Director of the Strategic Plans Division, and Mr. Adam's government supervisor expressed, "John was instrumental in achieving the objectives of Army Future Commands (AFC) during INDOPACOM?s Northern Edge exercise. Over the past three-week period, John led a diverse group of subject matter experts from across Army Modernization Enterprise. [He] stepped up as the lead insights writer. He developed a comprehensive initial insights briefing and report paper to inform Army senior leaders on observations of two Multi-Domain Task Forces (MDTP) and their real-world mission in the Pacific."

Mr. Adams also coordinated JMC's participation in the Army Lessons Learned Forcum General Officers Steering Committee (ALLF-GOSC), bringing three- and four-star Senior Leaders together via SVTC to discuss a myriad of strategic topics ranging from current operations to JMC's involvement in the Army's transformation to Army 2030.

Lastly, he took part in developing many talking points, external and internal messaging, and presentations for senior leadership to the whole of JMC. Specifically, he orchestrated the Project Convergence Capstone 4 (PCC4) Sphere of Influence analysis that provided the JMC Commander, Chief of Staff, G/3/5/7, and Operations Group Directors a multitude of strategic engagements and discussion topics for PCC4 participants, specific individuals, and offices of supporting instillations.

In sum, Mr. Adams performed his work with distinction, seized the initiative and filled vacuums enabling the success of JANUS' customer. His judgement is highly respected by the senior leader of JMC, earning him trust and a reputation for excellence that reflects brightly on our company workforce.


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