JANUS Research Group and the Capability, Integration and Sustainment Solutions (CIS2) team are pleased to present Eric Lowry with the JANUS Energy Award in recognition of his work under the Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) Architecture Integration Management Division (AIMD) contract.

Eric works as the Team Lead and forged a second iteration of developing a dynamic, hire-train-handover program where JANUS works to identify and hire architect candidates that have the right background and drive. This program includes week-long online overviews before sending them for temporary duty (TDY) to train for two weeks with one of JANUS? highly-experience architects, and finally, turning them over to the government as fully trained employees.

Eric himself took training outlined by Bill Raeth, a Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Architect, to sharpen his skills before training individuals to support the Aviation Center Capability Development Integration Directorate (CDID) out of Ft. Rucker.

Mr. Lowry's efforts were essential in JANUS' ability to fill critical positions for our customers. His work has proven the training program works and that future critical positions can be filled quickly, and contract requirements met with quality employees.


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