July 10th, 2022 (Evans, GA) - JANUS Research Group LLC (JANUS) has awarded David Wunibald an Energy Award for his work as a critical member of the JANUS Top Down Modernization Team, redesigning the Task training packet for the Task Analysis Phase of the All Domain Protection (ADP) Capability Based Assessment (CBA).

The ADP CBA is an Army-wide CBA focused on how to conduct the protection of Army forces in 2035 and beyond. Task analysis is the most important phase of the CBA as it determines the base line for gap development needed for Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) document production. Mr. Wunibald adapted the training to make it relevant for the Protection Community of Practice (CoP) and presented the training to the ADP CBA CoP as part of CBA execution.

Conducted via Teams, over 50 participants completed the training improving their ability to complete task analysis and capture analysis results in the Forge Data Environment. The training sessions also provided a forum for the CoP to offer recommended improvements / updates and, or fixes to the task analysis module within Forge.

This training will benefit the Army as the Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) standardizes the use of the Forge Data Environment in the Training Device Maintenance Plan (TDMP). Mr. Wunibald's attention to detail and tireless efforts made this training a great success for the client and he is a great asset to the team, JANUS, and FCC.


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