August 19, 2021 (El Paso, TX) - Janus Research Group (JANUS) has awarded Tony Hammes with an Energy Award in recognition of his extraordinary service and support to Operations Group B within the G3/5/7 Division, US Army Joint Modernization Command (JMC).

Tony has worked as an Operations Planner with JANUS since November 2020. He was hired to support the planning for Project Convergence 2021 (PC 21) and immediately became a combat multiplier on day one. He joined a highly complex Joint Experiment Planning Process and became the subject matter expert on the operational architecture of each of the seven use cases to be used on Project Convergence. His work was demonstrated in a lab-based risk reduction event, where Tony briefed all of the incoming Analysts on the operational architecture of each use case, including each of the 105 capabilities integrated into the experiment.

"Tony's tireless work and diligence was instrumental to the Operational Planning and Resourcing for Project Convergence 21. His ability to network and build an ardent team has been critical in synchronizing dozens of capabilities, targets, ammunition, and data flows. His outstanding performance and tireless work ethic reflect superiority on JANUS Research Group and the professionalism of the entire JMC team," said LTC Elizabeth Knox, PC 21 Lead, Ops Group B, JMC.

Tony is a top-not professional having earned the trust of the JMC team and has earned a reputation for excellence that reflects brightly on our company and the quality of our work force.


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