November 15th, 2021 (Evans, GA) - Team JANUS Research Group, a partnership between JANUS Research Group and DSGN, has been awarded the first-place prize for the 2021 CHARIoT Challenge. The CHARIoT Challenge, hosted by NIST PSCR (National Institute of Standards and Technology Public Safety Communications Research Division) and its challenge partners, called upon startups, developers, data gurus, engineers, and user experience experts to create solutions that can identify and transmit scenario-accurate city and personal network data streams to deliver first responders actionable and intuitive augmented reality interfaces.

Through the CHARIoT Challenge, the AR and IoT contestants demonstrate and integrate IoT data streams into actionable AR solutions that will help public safety (Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services crews) communicate and respond more efficiently. Up until now, they have relied on eyewitness, radio and traditional communications channels for information, but through IoT devices, smart building, smart cities and solutions provided by experts participating in the CHARIoT Challenge, they will have the opportunity to rely on a tremendous amount of comprehensive, technologically advanced information.

The Challenge was composed of two multi-phase contests: Build Augmented Reality Interfaces for First Responder and Emulate Smart City Data for Disaster Scenarios. All thirty participants were asked to join based on recommendations from Subject Matter Experts.

The goal of Team JANUS solution was to enable end users to naturally and intuitively interact with and manipulate the virtual objects through their Incident Response Augmentation Headset (IRAH) platform. The team took a user-center designed approach for each scenario, first taking a rough sketch, transforming it to a mockup and then sharing it with public safety Subject Matter Experts through their public safety partner at the Western Fire Chiefs Association.

Beyond the Team's first place win, they were also awarded Top Incident Command Interface - Flood Scenario; Top First Responder Interface - Mass Transit Accident Scenario; Top Incident Command Interface - Wildfire Scenario; Top first Responder Interface - Wildfire Scenario and the Continued Technical Assistance Award.

More details about the challenge can be found on the NIST website 2020 CHARIoT Challenge: Advancing First Responder Communications | NIST:

Author: Kishan Shetty


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