June 8, 2021 (Evans, GA) - Janus Research Group (JANUS) has awarded Mark Looper with JANUS Research's Employee of the Quarter in recognition of his ability to lead a team to succeed on various projects, feedback from the customer on his exceptional work and his reputation for professionalism in everything he does.

Mark was hired as the Lead Property Book/Unity Supply Integrator and Sustainment Automation Support Management Office (SASMO) for ARNG GCSS-Army Wave 1, Wave 2 and GCSS-Army Increment 2. He is responsible for coordinating and executing all the Property Book and Unit Supply training workshops in addition to his daily duties supporting the Army National Guard (ARNG) as the Lead Subject Matter Expert on Property Book / SASMO and his expertise in several logistics information systems; GCSS-Army, AESIP hub, AESIP Portal, FMSWeb, DRRS-A and LDAC. Mark has performed exceptionally well as we transitioned from the old GCSS-Army contract into the new ARNG G4 contract with JANUS' small business partner, Creative IT Solutions. Mark singularly and continuously provides the States with needed updates to unit structure (Force Elements) and Property Book ID (PBID) structure and relationships so the ARNG Units are correctly built. Most recently, Mr. Looper has supported the deployment training of ARNG Units by instructing property asset visibility, authorizations and force structure alignment one-on-one with the units. Mark goes above and beyond by continuing to also to provide highly sought-after Lunch and Learn Sessions to the ARNG logistics community on target subjects such as ERC (Equipment Readiness Codes) and ECC (Equipment Category Codes) that effect readiness reporting.

Mark's work requires a tremendous coordination with multiple outside entities and due to his personal expertise, his classes are highly sought after. In addition to his normal duties as a Property Book and Unit Supply SME, the customer requested Mark to produce complicated daily readiness reports on the Combat Service Support Very Small Aperture Terminal (CSS-VSAT). Mark developed and employed a data base stakeholders and clients could draw upon to build out the ARNG (by State) CSS-VSAT readiness report during a significant upgrade. In addition to the CSS-VSAT report, Mark continues producing the same style reports for Medical Devices and their status in support of the COVID-19 missions.

The government's manager and technical expert of the contract has consistently expressed his pleasure with the success provided by Mr. Looper and we receive daily comments about Mark's positive impact on the current project. Mark's teammates rely on Mark to provide quality services so they can provide their portion of maintenance, finance, readiness reporting, and retail supply. If something in the system isn't working properly, Mark is always called first. As mentioned above, Mark's active role with the customer extends beyond his normal duties and he effortlessly takes it all in stride providing continuous, high quality team, client, and stakeholder deliverables. He maintains JANUS' reputation for professionalism and ensures the ARNG Logistics community is better prepared for State and National missions.


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