JANUS Advances to Phase 3 of NIST'S CHARIoT Challenge


JANUS Research Group's #AR / #VR solution was recently selected to advance to Phase 3 of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) CHARIoT Challenge: Build Augmented Reality for First Responders. JANUS' solution seeks to provide Incident Commanders and First Responders up-to-date and actionable information from Internet of Things (#IoT) sensors so they can plan and respond without distraction or cognitive overload. Using multi-modal inputs of voice, gestures, and eye tracking, JANUS' solution presents necessary information at the right time to reduce mental load. Through JANUS' selection to Phase 3, our developers have the opportunity to continue development of this prototype system and advance to the final phase of the CHARIoT challenge. For more information, see:


NIST'S Photo | JANUS Research Group

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