March 9th, 2023 (Evans, GA) - The JANUS Architecture Integration Management Division (AIMD) Data Management Team has successfully migrated the FORGE Enterprise Application from the classified-on premises server at Fort Leavenworth to the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency's (ECMA) MS Azure IL6 Cloud environment, known as cARMY-S 1.0.

Major migration activities included code packaging and deployment, configuration of Army Endpoint Security Systems (AESS) and cARMY-S subscriptions, deployment of sequel managed instance (SMI) data to cARMY-U, compliance assessments and solutions, and coordination of Enterprise Access Management Service-Army (EAMS-A).

Major Information Assurance (IA) support activities included: updating inheritance relationships, Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) Record and Systems Details, System Security Plan (SSP) and artifacts, Army Portfolio Management System/Ports, Protocols, and Services Management Secure/Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Access Points (SIPR/NIPR SNAP); and establishing software and hardware baselines.

This migration required a collaborative effort, including the testing team who worked directly with their Development/Systems Analysis/Information Assurance (DEV/SA/IA) teammates. This effort provides continuous operations and maintenance for the classified version of FORGE in cARMY-S environment.

JANUS and AIMD Government conducted final user acceptance testing (UAT) and government acceptance testing (GAT) culminating with the 'cutover' and the official 'go live' to complete this effort as FORGE-S now joins ArCADIE and FORGE on the cARMY platform.


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