Ms. Tabatha Lee has been awarded JANUS Research Group's Energy Award for her performance supporting the Headquarters (HQ's) Army National Guard (ARNG) G4 Division, the ARNG G8 Division and the states and territories. Ms. Lee is a valuable asset to the GCSS-Army Finance team. 

Ms. Lee has been instrumental in assisting the Army National Guard in reducing financial errors from the Unmatched Transactions (UMT) report from $48 million to $27 million during fiscal year 2022.  She continues to assist the Army National Guard with making sure all funds issued are executed in the proper accounts and the states receive the supplies in a timely manner.  Her efforts enabled the Army National Guard to execute the OPTEMPO funds to improve equipment and unit readiness to support missions assigned.  

Another example of Ms. Lee's contributions is evidenced in her making sure funds from the cancelling year program were executed.  The cancelling year funds she had to clear before the end of the fiscal year were approximately $5 million.  All purchase orders and the financial errors from the cancelling year were cleared well before the deadline.

Ms. Lee is often called on by the Professional Education Center's (PEC) Resource Management Training Battalion to assist with special classes and training sessions. Ms. Lee's expertise is also sought on periodic weekly and monthly senior level meetings.

Her professional expertise, attention to detail, and laser focus has been recognized by the Army National Guard Resource Management community; State level, ARNG G8 Division, and the ARNG G4/8 Branch. Ms. Lee maintains a strong work ethic, is energetic, and is dedicated both to JANUS and the Army National Guard.


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