Combining in-person and online learning creates an integrated classroom where the needs of all learners can be met. This keeps students engaged, stimulated and motivated. Overall, making great gains with students.

Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning components, creating a comprehensive and flexible educational approach.

The JANUS Approach

At JANUS Research Group, we collaborate with recognized authorities to identify the critical knowledge and skills required for mission accomplishment. By leveraging our expertise in curriculum development, technology integration, and data analysis, we contribute to goal attainment through blended learning.

Blended learning integrates traditional instructor-led classroom activities with technology and digital media learning components. It is a scalable and adaptable training approach that may use modest digital resources or complex virtual reality (VR) simulations and augmented reality (AR) applications to enhance the training experience.

JANUS Research Group supports the instructors and administrators by implementing and managing blended learning programs. The assessment and evaluation tools of a learning management system (LMS) are used to track learner progress and measure the effectiveness of the blended learning approach.

An LMS is a software solution that provides a central location for the training material as well as administrative and reporting features. If desired, the LMS also allows digital learning components to be accessed by remote learners.

At JANUS Research Group, advances in technology, instructional methodologies, and best practices are continuously examined to provide an optimal training solution. Our data-driven approach empowers evidence-based decision-making and the lasting improvement of any training program.

The Result

At JANUS Research Group, we utilize this strategy to improve readiness for Naval Warfare.

Our training and support to naval personnel, instructors, and administrators effectively implement and manage blended learning programs. Ultimately, through assessments and evaluation tools, we measure the effectiveness of our blended learning programs to ensure that the training is achieving its desired outcomes and allows for continuous improvement of the curriculum and instructional methods.

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