Here at JANUS Research Group, we pride ourselves on being people centric. Our people and their expertise are the core of success for our customers, and it is up to our Human Resources team to find and connect with talent across the globe. This task is certainly not simple. With growing requirements, technology and more...we wanted to know what it is that makes them tick? What is it about the Human Resources field that they love?

We sat down with JANUS' Human Resource experts to learn more as they share their experiences, anecdotes and advice.

Building a Learning, Working Culture

"JANUS provides a learning, working culture by providing its employees with the opportunity to discuss issues that arise and to collaborate to come to a solution. [It is important to] always be open to hearing better ways to do things, and to provide opportunities to obtain certifications in your field of work and support that time for studying and testing." - Ashley Schilling, Talent Acquisition Manager

Employee Engagement

"I try to create an engaging experience for employees by quickly developing an understanding of who they are and what their short- and long-term goals may be. I listen to what they are looking for in their next opportunity and I tailor my job introduction around the things that they will find appealing. I want the candidate to know that I'm their advocate, and not just another recruiter." - James Brandon, Recruiter

The Future of Human Resources

"The latest trends in Human Resources deal with utilizing technology advancements for better sourcing by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through our Human Resources process. I love being able to connect one on one and help others achieve their career goals!" - Andres Blandon, Recruiter

Inspiring Change and Growth

"I let candidates and employees know there are many opportunities they might not have thought about and let them know there are ways to accomplish whatever it is they want to achieve. Education is huge and it is worth gaining new knowledge for their work life, but also their personal life. JANUS can help them in this process, and that is something I take pride in about our Team." - Michael Bailey, Human Resources/Recruiting & Operations Specialist

"I inspire change and growth by simply being the best person I can be. By living life and my work by the Golden Rule: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'" - Roberto Luna Jr., Recruiter

JANUS Research Group Human Resources Team

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