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For over a decade, JANUS has led the industry in producing highly detailed, comprehensive and fully interactive IMI Level I-IV PC simulations.

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Our PC simulations provide a low risk, low overhead, and cost efficient capability to train system operators, maintainers, and leaders on critical components, systems, systems of systems, software, and/or GUIs. JANUS models highly detailed, realistic, 3D replicas of each required component, and then emulates the behavior of the equipment so that the user is immersed in a realistic training scenario. JANUS' PC Simulation approach is holistic, as we designed and incorporated the use of the crawl, walk, run methodology to deliver the course content in four sequential modes.

Familiarize, Acquire, Practice, and Validate (FAPV). JANUS has also developed and incorporated a standalone and web enabled Lesson Manager and a Learning Management System (LMS) interface for each product, which allows students to navigate the FAPV lesson, and allows instructors, supervisors and leaders to keep track of student proficiency in critical tasks. US Army Program Managers (PMs), TRADOC Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and Capability Managers (TCMs) have incorporated the use of our innovative IMI Levels I-IV to fill institutional MOS training and certification gaps, supplement traditional instructor led Programs of Instruction, and transform PM NET/MTT unit training to meet ALM 2015 objectives.

Our PC Simulation / IMI Level I-IV Development Capabilities Include:

  • A team of highly skilled Systems Engineers, Subject Matter Experts, Training Developers, 2D and 3D Artists, and QA/QC personnel.
  • Expert ability to efficiently translate any POI or systems technical specification into an IMI product suitable for personal computers, tablets, or other platforms.
  • Incorporate the use of written or spoken high-interest coalition foreign languages
  • Use of AGILE software development principals which allows for immediate customer in loop feedback during the design and development phase of the IMI product.
  • Under the correct circumstances, expert use of AGILE development processes normally results in the release of an interim, fully functioning IMI product within the first 45 to 60 days of program start.
  • Multiple production environments that give us the ability to produce both unclassified and classified products
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