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JANUS is a forward thinking and leading edge technology solutions provider. Our expertise lies in educating and training technical skills.  Our experience includes both traditional training on-site, mobile training teams, and the creation and rapid development of innovative, high-end 3D virtual training and visualization environments — bringing cost avoidance to your organization. We develop, design and produce virtual environments and visualizations to include: Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI Levels I-IV); PC Simulations; immersive training through serious games; collaborative multiplayer products; modeling and simulation networks; and cinematic visualizations. We have accumulated over 3000 hrs of virtual training and visualization content for the Army Communications, Logistics, and Intelligence communities.

We invite you to review one of our cinematic, PC Simulation, Serious Game or collaborative collective training products to see why JANUS' solutions are more cost effective and provide better performance than our competitors.

Our Product Lines

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  • Serious Games
    • Avatar-based training environment Biometrics & Forensics / Sensitive Site Exploitation
    • Biolab Safety for National Institutes of Health


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