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JANUS is leveraging the technology, design principals, and best practices established by the video game industry to develop serious games.

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Serious games are designed to present realistic settings to teach operational concepts, ideas, and procedures through a game character and full immersive, interactive 3-D training environment. JANUS Serious Games provide a cost effective, low overhead, low risk, ability to place students in an immersive, experiential and consequence based virtual operational training environment.

JANUS Serious Game Features

  • Designed as a First-Person Shooter, places students in a realistic, high-risk, operational environment
  • Multiple Non-Player Characters (NPCs) serve as the player’s instructor(s) and guide them through the critical skills acquisition phases
  • The training tasks, conditions, standards, equipment and operational settings for each module are specific to the customer’s requirements and are built to interface with a tailored Learning Management System (LMS)
  • The LMS keeps track of student’s progress and skills proficiency related to critical system and operational tasks
  • JANUS Serious Game design features focus on presenting the students with problem sets in different operational environments that force students to work through various complex decision making models.

JANUS Serious Game Development Capabilities

  • A team of highly skilled Game Developers, Senior Systems Engineers, subject matter experts, training developers, level designers, 2D and 3D Artists, and QA/QC personnel
  • Resident aptitude and expertise to rapidly identify, organize and translate complex training and educational objectives into Serious Game modules
  • Skilled application of “AGILE” software development principals that are customer and end user focused and ensures that each module delivery meets all customer and end user expectations.
  • Capability to present “Training-on-demand” that is tailored to specific pieces of equipment and critical skills
  • Capacity to create theater specific, virtual replicas of multiple complex, uncertain operational environments (Asia / Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and/or Latin America)
  • Elegant use of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides a rich, just in time NPC experience.
  • Combine and leverage the best attributes, capabilities and features of First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, and Role Playing Games.
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