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The JANUS Research Group team worked with the U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command on Project Convergence 22 (PC 22), the U.S. Army's premier force modernization experiment, to ensure the Joint and multinational force can rapidly and continuously integrate or "converge" effects across all domains through intelligence gathering, data sharing, and interoperable systems to decide and act more swiftly against adversaries in competition and conflict.

Project Convergence is designed as an umbrella initiative housing numerous efforts to provide transformative technology for future formations. This effort is a campaign of learning centered on ways to link sensor data to the right shooters through the appropriate command and control nodes.

It is an effort to transform the way the Army operates in all domains - air, land, sea, space and cyberspace - to ensure overmatch against any adversary in future conflicts.


Since 2018, Army Future's Command (AFC) has been charged with advancing the Army's modernization priorities and to find solutions to the pressing challenges of the current and future soldier. Beyond just innovating technology itself, the program also must address how the Army will organize, and the talent needed for the future.

AFC is also directly addressing software coding challenges in the field. The soldiers of today and tomorrow can expect to encounter the need for on-demand code-writing skills. This front-line ability will be necessary to help solve real-time, tactical issues.


JANUS Research Group provides a host of support services to U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command (JMC), who is directly responsible for planning, executing, and assessing PC 22, involving over 50 new warfighting systems under development by the Army's Cross Functional Teams, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Task Force, Artificial Intelligence Task Force, and the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command.

While Project Convergence focuses on delivering data and cloud technologies to the tactical command, it is rooted in an overarching requirement to reduce the time needed in combat decision cycles. JANUS' talented team provides a multitude of support services to JMC in support of its Project Convergence mission. These services include:

- Strategic planning and messaging paired with public affairs operations to deliver relevant information about Project Convergence to a dynamic and diverse set of stakeholders
- Experiment planning and use case development demonstrating the processes or systems used to accomplish decision dominance
- Creation of JADC2 network architecture design, construction, and network accreditation
- System of system integration connecting separate computer systems and software applications into a unified system, allowing each domain to functionally work together. This front-line ability will help solve real-time, tactical issues to ensure overmatch against any adversary in future conflicts.
- Modeling, simulation and new equipment training focused on creating a tactical operation fully compatible with the Multi-Domain Operations concept.
- Assessment of new organizational concepts and system capabilities, combined with operational research and analysis
- Post-experiment reporting used to analyze experiments in an effort to make the best decisions and investments to mature Army technology


The services that JANUS Research Group delivers are helping the Army forge a path of modernization and ensure that it will continue to be the world's preeminent, most technologically advanced and lethal fighting force, with the ultimate goal to shape a force for future conflict.

This year is the third Project Convergence experiments we've supported assisting the Army and the Joint team in bringing the operational concept of Joint All-Domain Operations to life.

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