JANUS Research Group (JANUS) is proud to announce its recent contract award to deliver advanced solutions to the Army Futures Command's (AFC) Architecture Integration and Management Division (AIMD). This award underscores JANUS Research Group's continued commitment to providing innovative and strategic technological advancements to support the Army's modernization efforts.

Building on years of successful collaboration with AIMD, JANUS will continue to optimize and maintain the Army Capabilities and Architecture Development and Integration Environment (ArCADIE) and the Forge system. These platforms are crucial for the Army's operational architecture, enabling enhanced data integration, visualization, and decision support across various missions and operations. As part of this ongoing initiative, JANUS will further its implementation of advanced IT and cybersecurity solutions, develop and enforce architecture data standards, and manage the transition and optimization of AIMD's applications to cloud environments. By applying JANUS' expertise in cloud migrations, DevSecOps, and cybersecurity, JANUS aims to improve accessibility, scalability, and collaboration. JANUS will continue delivering high-quality software solutions and lifecycle support, ensuring ArCADIE and Forge remain agile and capable of meeting the Army's evolving operational demands.

AIMD plays a vital role in developing and integrating operational, systems, and technical architectures to support the Army's warfighting capabilities. By providing critical architecture support and data management, AIMD ensures that networks adequately support warfighter operational demands and enable informed decision-making.

"We are honored to continue our partnership with AIMD in their mission to modernize and enhance the Army's operational capabilities," said Mr. James Garner, Vice President of Army Futures at JANUS Research Group. "This contract award is a testament to our team's dedication and expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the complex challenges faced by our military."

JANUS' extensive reach across the Army Modernization Enterprise provides a unique perspective and opportunity to link various data modernization proponents and we are looking forward to providing the enhancements required to support AIMD's mission and the Enterprise.


About the Architecture Integration Management Division

AIMD is a Division under the Futures Integration Directorate (FID), FCC, AFC. AIMD develops and integrates operational architectures (OA) with systems architecture (SA) and technical architectures (TA) and synchronizes them to underpin solutions for current and future land warfare capabilities required by the Army, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) partners. As the Army's Operational Architect, AIMD establishes and enforces architecture policy standards and governance in order to achieve the goal of timely, relevant, and reusable architectures underpinning the full range of capability development processes.

About JANUS Research Group LLC

Founded in 1997, JANUS is an industry leader in the integration and application of technical, engineering, and domain expertise to deliver full life-cycle services and lasting solutions to Federal, Department of Defense, and commercial clients. With a highly skilled, professional staff and operations across the United States and overseas, JANUS specializes in capabilities integration and development, research and development, systems, software and model-based engineering, analysis and experimentation, logistics, training, and cyber engineering. Enabled by our successful track-record of cost-schedule performance, innovation, and customer service, JANUS is a vibrant, rapidly growing company dedicated to our customers' mission. For more information, please visit www.janusresearch.

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