JANUS Research Group (JANUS) is pleased to present Mr. Dave Polizzotti with an Energy Award for his work as on-site lead for the US Army's Futures Command (AFC), Futures and Concept Centers (FCC), Directorate of Concept's (DoC), Army Concepts Division (ACD).

During the Future Studies Program (FSP) 2023-4 event, Mr. Polizzotti performed admirably as the ACD's primary facilitator for workshops and working lunches. His performance made the Future Study Program (FSP) event an unmitigated success for the ACD, DoC, and AFC. During the two-week FSP event, Dave supervised the execution of 18 workshops, eight working lunches, and three summary briefings. His contributions helped provide ACD and the Army Operating Concept (AOC) writing team with invaluable insights from across the science and technology, concepts, and institutional communities.

"Mr. Polizzotti attended to all the coordination, preparation, and post-presentation administrative requirements which freed the presenters, DoC Staff, and ACD leadership to focus on their respective roles relating to the workshops and lunches. [...] In doing so, Mr. Polizzotti's effort during FSP 23-4 helped improve not only the workshops and lunches, but also the overall FSP experience. Mr. Polizzotti's work during FSP 23-4 was proved invaluable to the event's planning, execution, and post-event assessments." - Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Amos Fox, USA

Driven by both external FCC requirements and internal FCC process adjustments, David deftly manages and meets multiple deadlines at the most senior levels of the organization. This provides his client additional flexibility to refine products based on new guidance or adopt wholly new approaches to senior leader deliverables. Because of his innate ability to accurately understand the why of a deliverable, David brings an effective set of skills to the organization helping to develop the Army Warfighting Concepts (AWC) for 2030-2040 in support of the AFC Commander.

Mr. Polizzotti plays an essential role in the forefront of planning for the Army in 2040. He always puts the mission first and leads a team that supports Concept Development to meet the Army's requirements for the future. Already a JANUS Energy Award recipient, David's client, the ACD continue to sing his accolades and recommend him for this recognition.


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