JANUS Research Group (JANUS) and the Manpower, Personnel and Training Business Unit (MPT BU) are pleased to present Mr. Nathan Stanley, Ms. Dimi Adeniyi, Ms. Marilyn Enriquez, and Ms. Alison Rumley with Energy Awards based on their exceptional skills and dedication to the team.

Mr. Stanley has demonstrated an unsurpassed level of skill, proficiency, and dedication in providing technical support and analysis for the Career-Long Learning Continuum (CLLC) project. Nathan's exceptional technical proficiency, combined with his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with others, has created advancements for the team and continues to ensure the success of the CLLC project. Overall, these qualities have made him an asset not only to the Department, but the entire JANUS organization.

Ms. Adeniyi has proven to be an invaluable asset in the Project Management Office within the MPT BU. Her reliability, combined with her willingness to learn and take on additional responsibilities, has made her the "go-to" Project Manager. Since she began working with the team in January of 2023, Dimi's growth has been immeasurable. She joined and immediately had an impact on training, process, and culture. Always looking for ways to expand her knowledge base, she has continued to persevere as the BU grows by volunteering to take on additional tasks. She is a leader within the team and always brings a positive energy to the work environment.

Ms. Marilyn Enriquez's exceptional skills, dedication, and commitment to excellence have shined over the past year as Marilyn has conducted 169 Quality Control (QC) checks, totaling 9,954 pages of deliverable documents. She is constantly sought out by her peers for technical and administrative advice, training, help with various Microsoft Suite applications, and template comprehension. She has an outstanding rapport with her development counterparts and her communication skills keep the review process smooth while ensuring the products are excellent and timely.

Ms. Alison Rumley has demonstrated an elevated level of skill, proficiency, and dedication in providing technical support and analysis for the CLLC project. After a brief time with JANUS, Alison understands technical requirements matching the knowledge of senior level personnel. She has consistently demonstrated exceptional analytical skills in identifying specific competencies required for each rating assigned. Her technical proficiency has been critical in assisting other new employees and ensuring that they are equipped with the skills required to succeed in their roles.


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