JANUS Research Group (JANUS) is pleased to present Mr. Joseph Thomas, Mr. Travis Shedrick and Mr. Lindsey O'Field with Energy Awards for their performance supporting the Army's Future Study Plan 2023 (FSP23).

Mr. Joseph Thomas works as a Part-Time On-Call (PTOC) employee, however, his work has been nothing short of critical to meeting Future Warfare Division's (FWD) integration and analysis requirements for over 30 workshops resulting in complete customer satisfaction. As the sole FSP23 Analyst assigned to workshops, he consolidated and synthesized observations, derived insights and implications, and conducted exploratory analysis of other identified focus areas. His expert written analysis has directly informed the development of the Army's next operating concept for 2040. Furthermore, Mr. Thomas is a consummate team player, assisting the JANUS Event Support branch in event setup, participant workbook development, knowledge management organization, and post-event breakdown.

Mr. Travis Shedrick has been instrumental in the flawless execution of three events within a six-month period. Internal to the contract, Mr. Shedrick coordinated an array of sustainment support arrangements at both Ft. Eustis and Carlisle Barracks. During the planning and execution phases, he oversaw the operational components coordinating PTOC employee travel arrangements, pay, and expense reports. For each event, he also managed a database of Internet protocol, computer connectivity, and security settings for all FSP participant computers, as well as provided and tracked peripheral accessories required for access to the event server. Lastly, he is the recognized Costpoint Expert responsible for procuring needed war-gaming supplies, receiving purchase orders, and arranging transportation of supplies from Ft. Eustis to Carlisle Barracks.

Mr. Lindsey O'Field works as the Web Designer and System Administrator supporting FSP23 events. During the lead up to each event he designed, built and managed a tailored web site for administrative registration, distribution of reference material, and tracking of authorized user information for access to event networks. During the FSP23 event, as System Administrator he set up the Window server, established the operating system and built the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure that supported the execution of wargame networks. Furthermore, as a recognized IT Subject Matter Expert (SME), he was requested by the customer to support an additional weeklong cloud server build at the Center for Strategic Leadership at the Army War College.

All three individuals played crucial roles and went above and beyond their normal scope of responsibilities. All three reflect well on JANUS Research Group and the professionalism of the entire FWD team.


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