JANUS Research Group LLC (JANUS) has awarded Charles McKay an Energy Award for his support of the U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command (JMC) and Multi Domain Operations Simulation Center (MDOSC) throughout Project Convergence 22 (PC 22).

For the past year, Charles has provided invaluable assistance leading the JMC's efforts to plan, design, configure and integrate the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) database for PC 22 Joint Modernization Experiment. His efforts include building a detailed Simulation database and quality control for several new, non-fielded future capabilities and formations. Adding the new capabilities into the simulation (JLCCTC) requires many steps and a detailed review of the parametric data the creates accurate effective modeling to assess the viability of the system under assessment.

For example, Charles was instrumental in the design of the JMC Support Network for PC 22, the communications backbone enabling all experiment objectives to be achieved. His efforts included the integration of over 285 capabilities and mission command systems across involving the Joint force, DEVCOM, AFC's Cross-Functional Teams, and Multinational Partners linked within two different warfighting scenarios.

He coordinates continuously with numerous Joint partners and Army organizations keying in on changes in unit locations and force structure, their expected network requirements, and expected employment of mission command services.


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