Mr. Joel Badanes has been awarded JANUS Research Group's Employee of the Quarter for his outstanding leadership as the Deputy Data Management (DM) Lead, holding responsibility for the guidance, training, oversight, and management of the Operations and Maintenance personnel. At a high level, the plethora of tasks included: multiple Cloud Migrations of ArCADIE and Forge and the underlying disciplines of: Help Desk services; Quality Control and Testing; Systems Administration; Data Base Administration; Requirements Management; Information Assurance; Graphics Artistry; and Data Steward operations.

Joel was originally hired to augment and better manage the day-to-day administration and customer communications within the DM branch. The team grew in both size and scope from the initial team of 16 personnel supporting on-premises suite of applications, to what would eventually become over 70 personnel supporting two high-vis applications (ArCADIE and Forge) which are hosted on both classified and unclassified environments on Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform.

Joel served as the first senior JANUS manager within the DM Branch, and as such quickly fostered a renewed confidence within both the contractor team, and with our government customer, in communicating JANUS' corporate commitment to providing sound management strategies addressing the many "technical firsts" that were required, and ultimately achieved, under his leadership on the AIMD Program.

One of Joel's most valuable and obvious attributes is the ability to effectively listen to and communicate with our AIMD government customer, leading weekly collaborative meetings providing both the customer and teammates with a comprehensive status update on all areas of responsibility. As a deliverable, the weekly update informs the team with critical and timely facts on the key activities and required metrics week-over-week. Eventually, this rapport led Joel to organize key events such as this September's AIMD-led Architecture Summit. Joel was called upon to work directly with the AIMD Deputy Division Chief to develop the extensive agenda topics and provide advice and recommendations on the list of speakers and focus for targeted briefings and multiple break-out sessions.

In addition to his normal duties and exceptional customer support, Joel became the key person and lead contributor in AIMD's preparation to receive JANUS' first-ever Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Development (DEV) Level-3 certification. Preparation for both the appraisal and audit required long scrums with multiple key personnel on the DM Team, and senior JANUS leadership to properly document existing AIMD DEV practices.

Since joining Team JANUS team in 2019 to support the US Army Futures Command's (AFC) Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) Architecture Integration and Management Division (AIMD) Task Order, Joel has continued to exceed expectations in his role as the Deputy DM Branch Lead. His enduring leadership and technical expertise, coupled with the many recent examples of effective communication and customer satisfaction are key factors in JANUS' successes within the AIMD program. He is an invaluable member of the program, with a reputation for innovative ideas, following through on required tasks, and achieving outstanding results within his DM team and with our customer alike. Mr. Joel Badanes is well deserving of this recognition as the JANUS Employee of the Quarter.


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