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    Modeling & Simulation, Data Analysis & Visualization

JANUS develops and delivers customized data analysis and visualization tools transforming big data into smart data, and communicates the information clearly and efficiently through graphical representations in both static and dynamic outputs.

Our experts create tools that allow us to take large amounts of data and create meaningful, easy-to-read graphics used in predictive analysis, real-time analysis, mobile analytics, business and market intelligence, intelligent decision automation (IDA), advanced analytics, and etc. always keeping security of your data at the forefront. Our modular visualization environments utilize data-flow execution models while preserving pure data flow to enable a more complete and efficient programming infrastructure. We have experience using data analysis and visualization tools both in-house, and for our customers.

JANUS develops and delivers customized Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) products and tools using discrete models, continuous models, and mixed models. We also offer MS&T services providing our customers with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on-site with reach back to our product development team and support staff resulting in the customer's ability to:

  • Create, review, and refine requirements;
  • Identify applicable MS&T constructs and available tools;
  • Develop MS&T input data tools to promote efficiency and reusability;
  • Enhance existing tools or build new tools; and
  • Identify, prepare, collect, reduce, and analyze MS&T data.

JANUS has extensive experience supporting Department of Defense (DoD) organizations, and can provide your organization with the right solution to meet your organization's requirements. Benefits to our approach include:

  • Greater understanding of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) processes;
  • Identification of problem areas or bottlenecks within processes;
  • Evaluation of system effects or process changes based on demand, resources, supply and constraints;
  • Identification of action items for operations, organization, or activities to improve processes, or mitigate/accept risks; and
  • Evaluation of policy changes and their potential impact prior to implementation.

Please watch the video below to see a demonstration of JANUS' capabilities.

JANUS Research Group Demo from JANUS Research Group on Vimeo.



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