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JANUS aids in accomplishing the Army's logistics mission which is to provide timely, accurate logistics support to commanders who are performing continuous full spectrum military operations, whether they be State, Federal or expeditionary in nature.

JANUS provides a broad range of Logistics Information System integration in the areas of maintenance, retail supply, property accountability, and transportation. Our professional system analysts and database administrators are experienced in solving the Army's logistics application integration challenges.

We currently provide Global Combat Service Support Army (GCSS-A) transition services to the Army National Guard (ARNG). JANUS supplies Logistics Information System sustainment and modernization services, and practical simulations that enhance the readiness of the U.S. Army and the Army National Guard logistics community.

JANUS assists the ARNG in training the full-time work logistics workforce at the Installation, Logistics and Environment Training Center (IL&ETC) at the Professional Education Center (PEC), Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR. This training is tailored to duty position with the ARNG's full-time workforce and involves information systems, policies, and programs designed by the Department of the Army (DA), the National Guard Bureau (NGB), and the Army National Guard Directorate. JANUS understands and participates in the close professional working relationship between the IL&ETC and the ARNGs Logistics Divisions Logistic Management Branch. As a full partner, JANUS understands the policies, procedures, and programs that are developed by DA, NGB, ARNG, Army Materiel Command (AMC), US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), and US Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM).

JANUS aids the ARNG in leveraging logistics enablers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics operations in garrison, in theater and in support of homeland defense and defense support to civil authorities (HLD/DSCA) missions.

Based on guidance from the ARNG Logistics Division and the Executive Advisory Group for Logistics Excellence (EAGLE), JANUS has developed and delivered four orientations for State and Division senior leaders and staff officers. This effort is in partial fulfillment of Goal 3, Developing Logistics Professionals, of the ARNG Logistics Strategic Plan.

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