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In 1997 we set out to build a great company - a company that delivers on its promises, serves the communities in which we work and live, and places its staff and customers first. But we knew that we had to first create a place that was designed to foster greatness. A place where incredibly talented people are empowered to put their best work into supporting our customers' mission, with very little in their way. That company, built on a few powerful principles, is JANUS Research Group.

Today, JANUS is a vibrant and growing company with staff in over 11 States and overseas where we work to provide our many customers with solutions to their most difficult challenges. Whether we're providing training products or services, engineering, logistics or integration services, or other, forward-thinking solutions to tomorrow's challenges, JANUS can still be counted on to deliver. This idea of forward-thinking solutions to address difficult challenges became an important principle within JANUS shortly after our founding. The term we use to express this idea is simple - Developing Tomorrow's Answers Today.

Armed with a vision for the future and a strong desire to make a difference, our founders, Jeannette and Tony Loop, set out to serve customers. Beginning with a single U.S. Army customer who required expert technical help with an advanced tactical communications system JANUS began its path to growth. Equally important, JANUS also began to form its reputation for excellence.

Seeing that customers valued innovation, enthusiasm, technical expertise, and a company's willingness to take on the tough jobs, JANUS began to form its core approach to business - seek opportunities to make a difference for customers and hire talented professionals willing to work hard and deliver on JANUS' promises. Using this formula quickly led to more growth and the creation of JANUS' modeling, simulation, and training capabilities. By seeing the need early, understanding the promise of technology, and by seeking to solve difficult problems for customers JANUS was able to transform our customer's urgent need for distributed training into a highly effective solution. More work followed and JANUS continued to grow its hard-earned reputation for excellence.

With each passing year JANUS continued to expand its business and grow additional capabilities. Our initial Modeling, Simulation, and Training capabilities have steadily evolved and grown over time to make the best use of advancing technology while the company simultaneously worked to create innovative Logistics, Intelligence, and C4I related capabilities. These efforts to resulted in sustained success, for our customers, our company, and for the many valued professionals who make JANUS the great company that it is today.

Looking forward, JANUS' future looks as bright as it did in 1997. Tomorrow's customers and employees can know that the guiding principles first put in place by our founders remain as important to us now as they did when first conceived - they have proven themselves through times of both challenge and success. If we were to write the next chapter of JANUS' history today the underlying theme would be unchanged; seek opportunities to make a difference for customers and hire talented professionals willing to work hard and deliver on JANUS' promises.

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