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JANUS C2S2 capabilities include:

As a Premier SETA Acquisition Support Contractor, JANUS offers a broad range of engineering capabilities across major defense acquisition programs for the federal government. JANUS provides systems engineering expertise related to the hardware, software, integration and capabilities for PEO Soldier and PEO C3T systems and develops solutions to systems engineering challenges based on technology insertion and new product integration. Our support for PEO Soldier Headquarters supports 130 programs of record and 253 products and non-programs of record, such as essential capabilities from body armor, helmets, sensors and lasers to legacy weapons systems. Our PM TN support for PEO C3T key acquisition programs help to provide operational units with radios, computers, servers, apps, and other hardware and software required for their missions, while also integrating those systems to function as cohesive capability sets. In FY20, our SETA contractors helped the PEO modernize 167 Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard units with updated network technology. Units included Brigade Combat Teams, Security Force Assitance Brigades (SFABs) and signal, logistics, aviation and support elements. Centered upon the proven industry practice of developmental operations (DevOps), the modernization strategy is placing developers side-by-side with Soldiers and commanders in operational units. Our support for DevOps helps to enable the Army to evaluate potential technology concepts and solutions earlier and more frequently, incorporating real-time operational feedback and generating requirements that enable and empower innovation. Our engineers support PEO C3T's continued use of the DevOps construct to better assess the baseline tactical network, introduce new network enhancement alternatives and gather Soldier-informed feedback and technical data. 

PEO Soldier_Edited_Vignette | JANUS Research Group
  • PEO Soldier_Edited_Vignette | JANUS Research Group

    Combat Capabilities and Systems Engineering Solutions

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