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    Collaborative Collective Training

JANUS rapidly develops, designs and produces collaborative virtual training environment that utilizes advanced training technologies and provides collective student training, supervisor/manager training, as well as instructor interactions. JANUS has the inherent technical capabilities to produce replicate any System of System communications, intelligence or mission command related network.

The JANUS Solution

  • Scales easily to address the following training needs (LAN/WAN)
    • Classroom instruction
    • Sustainment training
    • NET Capstone Exercises
    • Unit / Operational
    • Self-Development
    • War gaming simulations
  • Reuses components from the PC Simulator which reduces development time and cost
  • Uses a behavioral model and rules engine that has been elegantly infused with advances in AI: the result is full IMI Level 4 interactivity

We invite you to refer to one of JANUS' Collaborative Collective Training products to discover why JANUS outperforms the competition and provides increased value to our clients in the development of virtual collaborative collective training products.

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