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Transition of solution ideas into concepts begins with the visualization of how future forces may operate. The core function of Concept Development leads the optimization of combat units, increase of expeditionary capability, improvement in counter anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD), and the insurance of overmatch of our potential adversaries.

JANUS participates in every facet of concept development within experimentation divisions supporting centers of excellence. Our technical professionals and subject matter experts demonstrate their skills in the development of potential solutions into concepts and the translation and integration of concepts for development into future force capabilities. We are in the hunt for those potential game changing technologies.

JANUS works concepts on many levels including innovation in technical communications functions to supporting new concepts within the JCIDS process with progressive complete coherent and relevant responses to red tape and antiquated processes that resist the delivery of the best capabilities to our deployed forces. The majority of Team JANUS' concept experience is rooted in the Centers of Excellence and programmatic system development processes with a wealth of experience working with the TRADOC staff, Army Staff, and the Joint Staff especially within the intricacies of the JCIDS and JROC processes.

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