C5 AR Bio Sampling

The threat of attack on military targets with biological weapons remains a national concern. To counter this threat, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is developing technologies for detecting and identifying biological materials in the environment. Biological detectors need to be deployable and supportable across the entire spectrum of military operations, including detect-to-warn and detect-to-treat scenarios, and for the full duration of those operations. As the battlefield threat space changes, military personnel need to be trained to recognize, identify, and understand the risks associated with biological threats. Personnel must know how to obtain biological samples from complex matrices and environments and be able to operate biological detectors in addition to their other duties. Additionally, they must be familiar with biological related laboratory equipment. An augmented reality (AR) capability could greatly enhance current training techniques and enable sensitive site exploitation (SSE) operations to equip military personnel with the detection techniques required for biological threats.

Place of Performance

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Period of Performance: 18 Months
Contract:  C5-18-0027A
Primary NAICS Code: NA OTA Prototype
Contract Type:  Firm Fixed Price

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