The JMC supports the Army holistic network strategy by providing a field evaluation capability with accelerated delivery of select capabilities to the current force, reducing operational risk prior to delivery and helping build a versatile mix of mobile, networked, and combat effective brigade combat teams (BCTs). The Army’s mobile network enhances Soldier lethality and survivability by enabling them to access key information anytime, anyplace, anywhere;  share  information  to  facilitate  fire  and  maneuver,  and  survive  in  close  combat;  provide collaboration  capability  to  aid  in  seizing  and  controlling  key terrain;  employ  lethal  and  non-lethal capabilities, coupled with sensors, to effectively engage targets at extended ranges; distinguish among friend, enemy, neutral and noncombatant; and integrate indirect fires.

Place of Performance

Government Facility

Period of Performance: Base year and 1 Option
Contract:  DO# W911S019F0091  
Primary NAICS Code: (IDIQ)541690
Contract Type:  Firm Fixed Price

For more information, contact: Mr. Gary Ostby, 503-559-6234, (

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