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Unity Reseller | Janus Research Group

JANUS enhances the efficiency and performance of your organization by providing innovative and cost effective services, products, and solutions through technological enhancements and improved business processes. We are a forward thinking and leading edge technology solutions provider. Our expertise lies in providing our customers specialized, tailored Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) services and the creation and rapid development of innovative, high-end 3D virtual training and visualization environments---bringing cost avoidance to your organization.

Our SETA support focuses on communications and information technology, logistics support, combat development, program and acquisition management, intelligence and security solutions, and systems analysis and assessments.

We develop, design and produce virtual environments and visualizations to include: Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI Levels I-IV); PC Simulations; immersive training through serious games; collaborative multiplayer products; modeling and simulation networks; and cinematic visualizations.


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